Hannah’s Hope was created by the parents and caregivers of Hannah Warren and the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT).

They were forever touched by Hannah’s spirit and love of life despite her many obstacles. One child’s fighting spirit brought together physicians, regulators, caregivers, and many others from around the world to help find a way to address her life-threatening condition. Her story, in itself, is a story of hope, joy, pain, suffering, and an abiding love of life and will to live.

As a tribute to the courage of Hannah and the vision of her family, AACT is dedicating its non profit awareness and educational efforts to her memory. Donations received through Hannah’s Hope will be used for the continued development of regenerative medicine and cell therapies here in the United States. Through Hannah’s example, we can begin to see a world where regenerative medicine is translational and instrumental in treating even the most challenging conditions.

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